Product Manager

PRODUCT MANAGER Plugin for Open Cart 1.5.x
Product Manager v 0.1 Open Cart is great free, open source PHP cart software. This is quite a preferred platform for online store, but every time if we import a large number of products, coming a number of errors, products without image, products without additional image, products without description or products without price. NOT ANY MORE PRODUCTS WITHOUT PRICE, WITHOUT DESCRIPTION or WITH OUT IMAGE !!! We offer a solution for this problem. Product Manager allow to check status of all the enabled and disabled products without description, without price or without image.
HOW IT WORK Quick install the Product Manager to your Open Cart 1.5.x Store and Control all products. After installation the Product Manager allow to switch off / on Products without images, without description or without price. DEMO: Admin: demo | Password: demo Admin Panel: Click Here
Documentation: Click Here
HOW TO INSTALL Before installing, make sure you have vqmod installed. It’s easy to install and is required for almost all Open Cart plugins. If you don’t already have it, it can be downloaded here: First: Unzip and upload the files: 1. Use your FTP client to upload the admin folder to your /public_html/opencart/admin/ directory 2. Use your FTP client to upload vqmod folder to your /public_html/opencart/vqmod/ directory 3. Edit your user-group to have permissions on extensions: tool/product_manager 4. Admin Panel >> Extensions >> Product Manager
TROUBLESHOOTING If the script doesn’t seem to be working correctly, please try the following steps: 1) Make sure you’re using Open Cart version 1.5.x 2) Check /vqmod/logs/xxxx.log (where the xxxx is the current day of the week). Often helpful error messages can appear here. 3) Make sure vqmod is properly installed, that /vqmod/logs, /vqmod/vqcache, and /vqmod/mods.cache have 777 world-writable permissions. Additionally load in a browser to make sure it’s properly installed.
SUPPORT Due to the extremely low price of the script (of which the author only receives half), in-depth support is not always available, but If you have any questions suggestions or bug reports, you can email . For bug reports, please include the relevant log file from /vqmod/logs . Thanks for purchasing this extension!

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