La Caixa Payment Gateway Magento

Benefit from the expertise of La Caixa, the third largest bank in Europe, who passes millions of e-commerce-related transactions per day. The efficient and highly secure La Caixa payment module was developed and enables all merchants in La Caixa’s network to accept credit card payments in their Magento store and thus attract new customers. Features: The platform for real-time authentication of the card and its holder meets security standards for the largest credit card companies regarding all online payments (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode), and thus allows you and your customers to benefit from secure transactions. The module is easy to use: when the holder of the credit card selects a payment method on your store, the module automatically sends all payment information to La Caixa, which then conducts the transaction. Not a single action is required from your end! With the La Caixa Module, offer payment by credit card on your store, secure your transactions and expand your sales!

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