Friendly Social Network

Friendly is really a social network for friends. Friendly included as features: Pages, Groups, Photo Albums, Messages, Live Chat, Comments, Share’s, Like’s, #Hashtags, @Mentions, Real-time Notifications. Users will have a private profiles, only for friends or public profiles. Also can report posts and comments. Users can decide which of your posts will be public, and which posts only for friends. These are only some of the functionalities that do of “Fiendly” the ideal social network for you to have your own community of friends.

Try the online demo using the following login details: User: usermain
Pass: 123456 This user also is an administrator.


  • Really a social network for friends?: Right. Really a social network for friends, like Facebook. Now you have Friendly, that offers this feature.
  • Authentication: You can authenticate with Facebook, Twitter, or your email.
  • News Feed: Here is displayed your activity and the activities of your friends. It also shows the activities of the pages that you follow and the activities of the groups where you are a member. If you want, you can be friends with a user and not follow. This allows you, have a News Feed with fewer stories. The same can be done with groups and pages. You can be a member of a group, but not follow. Or, you can Like a page, and do not necessarily follow.
  • User Profile: You can have a public profile, private profile, or a profile to friends only. You can leave, other users, write in your biography. Or, you can do that only your friends, write in your biography. Or you can have a user profile where only you can write in your biography. The posts, written in your biography, you can always remove them; even if they were made by other users. Friendly gives you all this flexibility.
  • Cover and Photo in User Profile: Friendly is in keeping with the trend of modern social networks. Thus provides a user profile with photo and cover. This is also applied to the pages created by users. In the case of groups, only have cover.
  • Write a post: When you make a new posts, you can decide whether it is public, private, or only for your friends. You can attach photos, videos (Youtube o Vimeo) or audios (SoundCloud) on each post. You can decorate your posts with a group of emoticons, if you want to. You can always delete a post, if you do not like.
  • Who is online: You can always see who of your friends are online. This, in order to have a conversation, or to send messages.
  • Filter Posts: In addition to the posts in the News Feed, you will also see a section with just your posts (those you’ve written in your biography, on your friends, your page and your group). You can also see a section for posts with photos, and a section for posts with videos. And also have a section to view all posts that you like.
  • Friendship: Have a section that shows the list of your friends, the list of users who follow you, the list of users that you follow, and the list of users who want to be your friends.
  • Pages: You can create the pages you want, assign a category, put a photo, and a cover.
  • Groups: You can create public groups, closed, or secret.
  • Notifications in Real Time: Constantly you will receive notifications in real time. When someone comments on your post, when someone wants to be your friend, when someone has accepted your friendship, when someone made like on your page, etc.
  • Preview Card: You can see a “preview” of a profile (user, page, or group) through an Preview Card.
  • #Hashtag and @Mentions: Use # to create hashtags you want. Use @username to mention any user, in posts, and comments.
  • Trending #Hashtag: Displays the trend, according to hashtags.
  • Live Chat: Talk to your friends using a private chat.
  • Search: The application has: search engine user and hashtags, search engine of pages, search engine of groups.
  • 100% Responsive: Observe it on any device (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets). It is 100% responsive.
  • Advertising y PayPal: Users can create their own advertising and pay using Paypal. If no ads, created by users, then alternate ads (which can be adsense) shown.
  • ... and much more. Check the demo now.

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