Facebook Ads Market, Buy Sell Posts

Facebook Social Ads, Buy Sell Posts on Fanpages

BSP is a profesional platform to buying and selling Facebook posts on fanpages. The sellers can add fan pages to market and earn money on sell posts and the buyers can purchase ads (posts) on fanpages. The ordering process is total automatic and realized between users. If you search really profitable script, here it is

Why we created Buy Sell Posts?

Because it’s a niche!

Many users wants to buy posts on fanpages and also many owners of fanpages wants earn really cash on shared posts (but they have nowhere) so we created the best tool for them!
Now you can provide really useful market of posts!

Become the owner of a supermarket of paid posts!

Before you buy, see how simple you can earn on it.
The following videos show how easily your users will be able to buy and sell posts.


- English - full
- Spanish – full
- Brazilian – only menu
- Arabic – only menu + RTL

Buy Sell Posts – 3 words – 3 main function – 1 unique script!

  • Users can buy posts on popular fanpages. All added items to basket are saved until you aren’t logged!
  • Buyers pay via PayPal
  • Only satisfied customers.
    If validation is incorrect the buyer will receive a refund. Validation is automated and will reject any incorrect posts.
  • Sell
  • Seller can sell posts on his fanpage and in automatically collect fanpage data from Facebook.
  • Seller earns (default 70% commission) per any orders.
  • Seller may withdraw money if balance exceed limit (default $50).
  • Manage page by admin panel. You can…
  • orders mark as already paid
  • confirm orders
  • withdraw salaries
  • block fanpage
  • manage users
  • How it works? Order process.

    1. Buyer add fanpages to basket which wants to share content.
    2. Buyer pay for the order via PayPal.
    3. Seller sharing post on his fanpage, next confirm it in user panel.
    4. Validation of the post is automatic! If the seller does not share content or changed it the order will be rejected. Seller will receive money if his post was displayed at least 2 hours (default require time to display post is set on 2hours). Otherwise buyer receive a refund.

    Main features

    Package modules and files

  • Sign in by Facebook
  • Marketplace for buying posts
  • Search engine
  • Shopping cart
  • PayPal paymentsBEST
  • Module purchased
  • Module sold
  • Module sell
  • Auto validation of posts! BEST
  • Affiliate program.
  • Admin panel
  • Users Manager
  • Icons Awesome Pack
  • CSS3 animation changes NEW
  • Welcome page NEW
  • SCSS files included – Compas Framework
  • Many more minor features…

  • Access to the admin panel

    After logged you have automatically access to the admin panel.

    Should to see

    Change log

    * v1.8 - multi-language module * v1.6 - add optional image (new fanpage form) * v1.5.7 - buy and sell modules improvement * v1.5 - automatic validation of fanpages * v1.4.5 - expand sell module (update action) * v1.4 - expand the affiliate program * v1.3.7 - frontend changes - improvement sell module * v1.3.1 - htaccess fix * v1.3 - auto validation of posts HOT! - animation changes * v1.2 - welcome page * v1.1.4 - filter (fanpages list) * v1.1.3 - fixes frontend changes * v1.1.2 - frontend changes * v1.1.1 - add PayPal commission to payment * v1.1 - users manager - added font awesome icons - frontend changes * v1.0 - release version

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