Eris is a grid-based photography and fully responsive Tumblr theme that uses masonry layout. Perfect for photo bloggers allows even all the Tumblr post types.


You can customize all of the colors. Maybe you want to change the background colour? or texts colour? links colour? Whatever you want you can customize.


Eris theme integrate your Twitter updates in the sidebar. To get it working, you need to have signed into Twitter in the Tumblr settings for your blog.

Flickr Photos

You can show off your last six pictures with the integrated Flickr widget. You will need to get your Flickr ID on customize theme page and put it into the required field.

Instagram Shots

Also you can show off your last six Instagram shots. You will need to get your Instagram Access Token and put it into the required field. We do a simple page to find your Access Token, check it out:

Dribbble Shots

You are a dribbbler? Now you can show off your last six dribbble shots with the integrated Dribbble widget. Put your dribbble username in the customize page.

Social Icons

Today we have a lot of social media profiles, we included a lot of icons to show your profiles: Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google +, Flickr, Deviant Art and Bitcoins.

Hide Meta Data

For some people some meta data are useless, with Eris you can hide meta data (tags, date and notes) for posts on the homepage to have a much cleaner look like you see in the demo.

Bullet points of all features:

  • Customizable colours: background, texts, titles, descriptions, sidebars, links, tags, meta…
  • All post type supported
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and Dribbble widgets
  • DISQUS commenting system
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Show/hide social links

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