Employee Work Schedule

This calendar is for scheduling employees and/or spaces or you can use it as a multi-calendar. You can choose if only the admin can add items to the calendars/spaces or if it’s a public calendar or people have to login.
• Admin or employees can add items by drag and drop or by clicking on a day
• Select a calendar to see the associated items
• The drag- and-drop items depend on the selected calendar
People asked me if it is possible to use Fast & Easy Calendar as an employee schedule to plan employees with spaces/rooms. It is possible, however there are limitations.
In 2012 I had already started with creating a multi instance calendar and now was the moment to continue with that.
So, here it is, Employee Work Schedule.
You can schedule employees to several calendars/spaces (rooms, shops etc.) or you can do it the other way around; add the employees as calendars and assign spaces to them.
It’s a complete JavaScript calendar, with the base jQuery Fullcalendar and a PHP/MySQL backend.
The calendar can be accessed with a login, on IP address or public use for everybody.
Unique features
• Inserting, editing and deleting items is fast and easy.
• Supports recurring events. Fields for setting the recurrence get visible when the chosen period in the datepickers is more than one week.
• Multilanguage: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French and Polish. You can add your own language file.
• Easy backup of database including data. (no knowledge of cronjobs necessary)
• The calendar is searchable. And the search results can be clicked to go to the event in the calendar. The search results depend on the chosen calendar
• Popup dialog for adding, editing and deleting items.
• Drag and drop items, external and within the calendar.
• It uses Fullcalendar, a jQuery plug-in.
• Resizing calendar items.
• Month-, week-, day- and listview.
• The calendar can stretch to whole screen width.
• A clickable wordcloud to show what the most used words are.
• Users can easily change their profile and settings.
Working on:
A statistics area in the admin area, where you can easily see how many days an employee worked and in which spaces. etc. What you think i will make !

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