Buy, Sell Marketplace Ver 1.1.1

Update 18/01/2015 - update .htaccess file for share hosting - change chmod permission for share hosting Update 17/01/2015 - Add Affiliate System: Config: open parameters.yml and change: rateRef: 0.03 - Username min length 6 character - Paygate Bao Kim, Ngan Luong for Viet Nam - Send Email newsletter on backend - Send email contact user on profile page - Send mail console: config crontab
  • * * * * /usr/bin/php PATH/app/console SendMail > /dev/null 2>&1
  • change PATH to your path on server - Fix some issue ================================= Marketplace: Will upload source code, products ( you, we, or another . etc) user will buy it with credit (fund via paypal to system) you will receive money… System will use paypal gateway for user fund money to buy source code, buy courses. and benefit will paid for author via paypal. System will support multi language in frontend site. Backend support : + banned user + disable items. + add, remove, change information + review approve, reject item user upload new or update version. + report current day for: new sales, new users, new upload or update items. You can see it at: To Setup: - Unzip source code - open file app/config/parameters.yml + Change database info: database_host: database_name: database_user: database_password: + Change rate money user will recive for earch product selled, course selled. by “netMoney: 0.7” //70% + Change fee cashout when user withdrawal “feeCashout: 0.5” //0.5% + Change min money can cashout when user withdrawal “minCashout: 50” //50$ + Change size max file can upload maxPreview: 10 //10mb maxMain: 100 //100mb - Import database: import file data.sql to your system (database included sample) - Upload source code to Server - chmod 777 folder and sub-folder: app/cache - chmod 777 folder and sub-folder: web/uploads - chmod 777 folder and sub-folder in root directory: items - chmod 777 folder and sub-folder in root directory: app/sessions - Change api password, ID paypal open file src/Market/ZodacoBundle/Paypal.php find and change: const API_UserName = ""; const API_Password = ""; const API_Signature = ""; - That All. Congrats, Your system will running. Demo Account: email: username: demo password: 12345678 Note: demo account can’t change all action in backend, this account only view. Support: We provide support within the comments section. So when you have questions, we’re here to answer. So let’s get the new top list app code! Please. Use Server or VPS to install and run this source. I not suggess use share hosting, it very bad config for symfony2. If need VPS you can register by this link. $5/month

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