Boomchat - Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat

chat software built using jquery that allow user to chat in 3 different ways. Boomchat only contain 1 page and dont need any page reload for both main chat and private chat. Boomchat contain lot of uniques features that give full control to user and admin.

UPDATES availables

  • Boomchat 2.0 release – included new feature – Cookie ban , avatar on chat , username filter for registration, password recovery
  • Coming in the next update

    in this section you will view users suggestion that i decided to include in next update so do not hesitate to give your idea about what you think will be a great feature in the chat.
  • Boomchat 2.2 is now available !!!!
  • Boomchat feature

  • Responsive work on computers & mobiles devices
  • Lang file where you can edit entire chat language
  • Sound notification on username in chat and private message reception
  • 5 colors ranking level super admin , admin , moderator, vip, users
  • Mobile like private chat design
  • Bad words filter
  • Really simple installation process
  • 5 different colors theme
  • Easy to build your own theme with short and clear css files
  • Kick, mute, ban users with 1 simple click
  • Users profile
  • Build in image uploader
  • 25 useful commands
  • 2 different way of chatting in private
  • Build in anti flood system
  • Unlimited rooms possibility
  • Topic for every room easy to change with 1 simple command
  • Share youtube video with your friend
  • Share picture from your computer with your friends
  • Registration can be turned on and off on demand
  • 25 free of uses emoticon and possibility to add your own gif emoticon
  • Build in database cleaner that keep your database fast
  • Delete post directly from chat with 1 simple click
  • Private message notification
  • Very simple setting panel where you can manage all aspect of your chat
  • Build in seen feature to know where and when your friend comes
  • Change room in 1 simple click
  • You can send private to user even if they are away
  • Log history and personal history
  • Delete and create rooms very fast with the build in room creator
  • Remove feature not wanted with 1 simple click in setting panel
  • username highlight to know when someone talk to you
  • Integrated users manual
  • Build in users management tool
  • Tooltip to guide you
  • Fast customer service
  • And much more +
  • Update log history

    Boomchat 2.2

  • added the ads feature that allow you to show banner ads on your chat
  • added welcome message feature
  • added flip the chat feature that allow you to choose input on top or bottom
  • added avatar in userlist
  • added click on avatar on chat to open private feature
  • added user showing online when loading the page
  • Boomchat 2.0

  • adding password recovery feature
  • added avatar inchat
  • added ban by cookie
  • insert a registration username filter
  • Fixiing some system issue
  • Boomchat 1.0.1

  • fixing userlenght minimum limit
  • adding lang file

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