B-check Forms

B-check forms – set of form elements and forms with server side validation. It consists of a wide selection of various extensions: responsive grid layout, customizable server response, customizable validation methods, modal forms, Date Pickers. You may choose from 14 working AJAX PHP forms. More than 30 templates, which are included to the pack, will help you create forms of any complexity: login, order, register, contacts, feedback, etc.


HTML5 and CSS3
Take full advantage of modern web technologies. Make powerful forms with easy. Font Awesome
Complete set of Font Awesome vector icons created by Dave Gandy. Grid system
All forms have a fully responsive design that adapts perfectly for mobiles, tablets and desktops. PHP – AJAX
Submit your forms faster, with custom error and success handling, without reloading the page. Server side validation
All forms have custom strong server side validation. That keeps your information in safety. Custom validation
You may select: check some field or not, display error state or not – just change one line of code. Various validation methods
A variety of validation methods allows you to check any incoming information. Custom error message
Two types of displaying response from the server are available. That adds to your forms more flexibility. Modal forms
You don’t have enough space for the form? It’s not a problem! Use any form in modal window. jQuery Widgets
Widgets like UI date pickers and UI sliders make the process of submitting the form simple and easy. Progress bar
All forms contain a progress bar. It gives your visitors better form experience. Working forms
14 working forms are included to the pack. Each form has 4 variants, depending on how the information, received through the form, will be processed:
  • send letter ising SMTP
  • send letter using SMTP + duplicate data to MySQL database
  • send letter using Sendmail()
  • send letter using Sendmail() + duplicate data to MySQL database
  • As additional features, “Contact form” contains auto-responder function:
  • automatically send a confirmation letter
  • send a confirmation letter using checkbox
  • Templates
    More than 30 templates are included to the pack. Each of them is ready to use. Email template and multiple email recipients
    Each form has responsive clean HTML email template for send to single or multiple recipients. 9 color schemes
    Each scheme is available in two hover states. Documentation
    Detailed step by step guide to help you with creation and customization. To get support please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page.

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