AP Light Cache

With AP Light Cache Extension your website will load faster, improve rank in the search engine, provide comfort to the visiter, therefore opening up opportunities for your business. AP Light Cache helps your site run fast more than 10 times like as magento enterprise. MAIN FEATURE AP Light Cache works with product, category, cms page and the pages of 3rd party modules. Automatic clear cache or invalid cache when save product, category, cms, configuration, etc. Auto update some dynamic blocks such as cart sidebar, wishlist sidebar, compare sidebar, recent viewed, commuity poll, top links, message and the dynamic blocks of 3rd party modules. Support APC and Memcached. Easy install and configuration. Turn on/off in cache management page. Support custom design exception for mobile devices & tablets. Support multi-languages, multi store and multi currency. Installation:
+ Download zip file
+ Extract to folder site
+ Flush magento cache
we provide support on Skype, email and code canyon.

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