All in One - Simple & AJAX PHP Forms

Our Live Prview is just a simple demo and is not a real working form template.

And also please note that our Form Builder API doesn’t create a Database to save data in it! All of the forms will just get safe data that user has entered and emails it to the recipients. That’s actually the main job that it does!
Any other available configurations are for the sake of this process and customizing it according to your needs and ease.
Looking for a simple contact form for your website?
Need a Donation form?
Job Application form?
Login or Registration forms?
Feedback form?
Or what?

As explaiend above, please note that some of our form templates that need customized PHP codes like ‘Donation’ and ‘Registration’ forms, need you to know PHP and our Advanced Usage, so that you can customize their behaviour according to your own needs.

Every form that you’re looking for is available with our powerful Form Builder API and All in One package!
You can easily choose from the variaty of sample avaliable forms in the package or create your own custom form! NO PHP PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED!
You can have your own working form in two simple ways:
  1. Choose from the variety of sample avaliable forms inside of the package.
  2. Or create your own custom forms by doing it all in HTML ‘form’ tag and everything else is done by our Form Builder API itself, easy!

Main Features

  • No PHP programming is required (for easy usage)
  • Powerful API Form Builder
  • Independent HTML Design
  • 2 version forms, simple & AJAX
  • Secure from CSRF attacks
  • Secure from XSS attacks
  • Customize recipients email addresses
  • Customize email subject
  • Customize sender email address
  • set an email template
  • Set required fields
  • File attachments support
  • Customize file types to be uploaded
  • Set max file size for uploads
  • Customize error messages
  • Customize success messages

  • Sample Available Forms (All in both simple & AJAX versions)

  • Donation form
  • Feedback form
  • Job Application form
  • Login form
  • Order form
  • Registration form
  • Simple Contact form
  • Ticket Submission form
  • And more… You can create your own form all in HTML and no PHP coding is required, Our API will take care of it!

  • More Advanced Usage?

    Then you or your programmer needs to know PHP programming too
    For example when you’re using the ‘Donation’ or ‘Registration’ forms, of course you need to write your own custom PHP codes so that they can work for real!
    But the API has done most of the validations and security concerns for you! When the form passes all of the steps and is now ready to be sent it will call a specific method that you can then customize it according to your own needs. For example save data in a Database or connect to PayPal and complete the Donation process!
    Everything has been explained in details inside of the help Documentation. Easy to use.

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