Ajax Login

If you are looking for a solution of making login procedure more easy, Ajax Login extension will probably meet your need well. Ajax Login is one of the must-have extension for your Magento store. This is a comprehensive tool to reduce login time, after this extension installed your customers can login, register, get forgotten password in a few seconds via provided popup using Ajax. FEATURES DETAIL 1. LOGIN THROUGH POP-UP: After the Ajax Login is installed, when customers click on “Login” on the current page, instead of normally redirecting you to the login page, a friendly popup will appear, allowing them to login right on the page very quickly, no page reloading needed. 2. SOCIAL LOGIN: Customer can either log in by an existing Magento account or by Social accounts they have. This will help fasten the login process and makes it so easy. If you haven’t registered on the website yet, it will automatically register for you using the email of your social account. Ajax Login supports 5 most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google+, Paypal, Amazon 3. PASSWORD RECOVERY: Not only support log-in using Ajax, Ajax Login also bring Password recovery in the popup. Customer can quickly use this feature, all by ajax, no page reloading. 4. CUSTOM FIELD ON THE REGISTRATION FORM: Customer Registration is included as well. One of the most useful and powerful feature of Ajax Login is Custom Field. Custom Field allows store owners to create additional fields ( or attributes ) for their customers. Now customers can have unlimited additional information beside what Magento currently offers. 5. CAPTCHA SUPPORTED: Captcha is fully supported in Password recovery and Registration popup, just like in default Magento pages 6. CREATIVE POP-UP STYLE: Ajax Login supports two useful and elegant styles: Simple and Plastic 7. EASILY SET UP POPUP POSITION: Customers can set up the popup position from admin panel DOCUMENTATION Installation Guide: http://litextension.com/docs/litextension_installation_guide.pdf User Guide: http://litextension.com/docs/ajax_login_user_guide.pdf Social App Guide: http://litextension.com/docs/social_app_guide.pdf

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