Advanced FAQs

Below is website links and credentials for demo & admin demo Admin User Name:- admin Admin password :- admin@123

Advance FQA Module with VQMOD

  • No Core file Changed
  • Add N number of Questions and answers
  • Plug and Play.
  • Responsive faqs page in opencart 2.0.x
  • If you have any doubt comment or Contact us at
  • How to Install

    - If you haven’t, install VqMod on your OpenCart store, the latest version can be found on - Make sure VqMod has been installed completely and is running by browsing to YOUR_SITE/vqmod/install. It must displays VQMOD ALREADY INSTALLED! - Upload admin and vqmod folders to your OpenCart store directory (no core file will be overwritten) - From Admin Panel, go to Extensions/Modules, and choose to install FAQ - Click Edit and configure the extension - Here you will find List all in the Header

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